Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

While Canon School District is committed to creating educational experiences that will provide all children with a solid foundation for life-long learning, we provide this feature in a safe learning environment through our Make Your Day Citizenship Program.

Dear Black Canyon Parents and Community,

Here is our plan for the next two weeks. Stay safe and we miss you all dearly!


During March 30-March 31 Teachers will report Monday morning March 30 at 8 a.m. to plan for delivering educational resources to students the following week if the closure is extended. The first week back, a review packet will be available by Wednesdays breakfast and lunch pick-up sites (see below).

Official Educational Paper Packets will be prepared by Monday April 6th and be available at your morning bus stop OR you may pick it up at the lunch pick-up sites on Mondays.
Instruction during a School Closure Canon schools will not be providing educational services during the week of March 30-April 3rd, but we will be using this time to allow teachers and instructional support to prepare and create instructional plans in the event the closure extends beyond the April 10 closure. We will be developing plans for the following areas:
1. Instructional Plans
2. Special Education and Related Services (we will call you personally)

Required student work plans-

Starting April 6th required educational work will be sent home Teachers will prepare one week’s worth of plans and copies in a packet form, preferably packaged per day with a cover sheet for each day to include a detailed workload of what is expected from students. Obviously, the focus is ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. These plans should include breakfast/ lunch times/breaks etc., and may include items such as P.E. recommendations. This work will be graded and grades will be inputed.

Homework will be delivered to your regularly scheduled morning bus stop starting Monday April 6th. Canon will run the bus on Monday’s. We will pick up the previous homework on the next Monday. You may also pick up the homework at lunch pick up on Monday’s.

Hour Requirements to be included in student work plan starting April 6th. Your child may finish the work faster or slower than the hours below:
Kinder: 2.5 hours
1st – 3rd: 4 hours
4th – 6th 5 hours
7th -8th 5 hours

Online Learning Can be done voluntarily. Online support info will be in the back of your packet.

Links to consider in the workload cover sheet: • McGraw Hill Wonders Online • YouTube Instructional Videos for Eureka Math Lessons • Math Seeds and Reading Eggs (K – 2nd Grade) • Moby Max • Galileo • Khan Academy


Communication with Parents/Students: Your teacher will be point of contact with families for the educational program. Teachers will contact the parents at minimum once a week per phone call. Teachers will be on campus from 8:00 am to 12:00 daily, so please call their extension if you have homework questions.

Teacher Availability: Teachers shall be available daily to support student questions, grade, individual online PD, daily planning. This can be done on the campus or at home except for the one day per week we plan to meet as a group (which is designated as Monday’s at 8 am for now).

Ta’Sarah White Kindergarten ext 306 twhite@canonsd50.com
Christine Brown First Grade ext 305 cbrown@canonsd50.com
Patty Tiefenthaler Second Grade ext 304 ptiefenthaler@canonsd50.com
Olivia Huntimer Third Grade ext 303 ohuntimer@canonsd50.com
Ashleigh Ochsner-Nelson Fourth Grade ext 302 anelson@canonsd50.com
Audrey Smith Fifth Grade ext 202 asmith@canonsd50.com
Janice Fortier Sixth Grade ext 203 jfortier@canonsd50.com
Jessica Smith 7th grade ext 204 jsmith@canonsd50.com
Melissa Norman 8th grade ext 205 mnorman@canonsd50.com
Trinka Hall Principal/Head Teacher ext 106 thall@canonsd50.com
Charles Ciarametaro Special Education ext 104 cciarametaro@canonsd50.com
David Ecker P.E. ext 101 decker@canonsd50.com

Please call 623-374-5588 and your teachers extension to speak with them.

Student Meals

We have a plan in place to distribute grab and go breakfast and lunches for ALL students 18 and under starting Monday, March 30. We have worked with the Arizona Department of Education on this issue. Canon’s distribution sites are at the school parent pick-up and Harmil Plaza. Food will be individually distributed to students using a curbside method between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Students must be present to pick up the lunch.


Breakfast and Lunch must be ordered the prior day by 12:00 p.m. PLEASE only contact Café Manager Dana Maldonado at 623-374-5588 ext 403 or email her at dmaldonado@canonsd50.com.


Please state:
1. Number of breakfast and lunches needed
2. Student names
3. Distribution area- Harmil Plaza or Canon School parent pick-up.

Please take care while we are closed. Thank you for your dedication to the Covid 19 efforts and to keeping BCC awesome. You may contact the front office with any questions and see you (sort of) next week!

Angela E. Jangula-Superintendent and Trinka Hall (principal) Canon ESD #50
ajangula@canonsd50.com and thall@canonsd50.comSchool District 

Letter from the Governor and Superintendent of Education:

March 15, 2020
Dear Arizona families, educators, school leaders, and education community members,
In our roles as Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction, we stand united in working with you to keep Arizona’s kids, families, and school communities safe and healthy.

Over the past few weeks and in coordination with public health officials, we have been in close communication with school administrators to provide guidance and be a resource as it relates to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. The health and safety of all our students is our top priority, and we’ve worked hard to keep our school doors open — these are important assets in people’s lives and many families rely on them for nutrition and access to health care.

Both of our staffs have been working together in partnership through the weekend, and we’ve been in touch with educational leaders on the frontlines. Currently, staffing and potential absences are a concern in many districts. Many schools and school districts have announced closures.

Today, we are jointly announcing the closure of all schools from Monday, March 16, 2020 through Friday, March 27, 2020. We will continue to work together and assess this situation on a 24/7 basis.
It’s important for families and parents to know that while this will address operational issues, doing this will not stop the spread of COVID-19.

The safest place for children during this time is at home. They should not be cared for by elderly adults or those with underlying health conditions, including grandparents and other family members.

Additionally, we are committed to working together to minimize the impact of these closures. To that end, we are assembling resources and forming community partnerships that will reduce the impact of these closures on families, teachers, and school communities.

Efforts are underway to ensure that any child has access to meals while schools are closed. We have also worked with USDA to allow schools to begin summer food service operations and provide boxed meals as needed. Your local school will have more information about how and where to access meals.

We understand many parents have questions about childcare options. It is the recommendation of public health officials that kids who are not at school remain at home to the greatest extent possible. For families for whom that’s not an option, we are coordinating with partners in the non-profit, faith-based and education communities to make available childcare options to families who need it.

For our dedicated school employees, we’re working together to make sure you don’t see any disruption to your pay. We’ll also be consulting with our district and legislative partners to determine the extent of any potential makeup days.
Many parents, teachers, and administrators may have questions about statewide testing. We’re currently engaging with our federal partners in the event that we need to secure a waiver.

The Department of Education will provide additional guidance to schools that will be posted to azed.gov. For the latest information about COVID-19, please visit azhealth.gov. This website is updated daily with new information.
We will continue to remain in close contact with state and public health officials to provide the most up-to-date information and ensure that the State of Arizona is doing everything we can to keep every member of our community healthy and safe.

We are asking schools to please adhere to the following measures during this period of closure:
School administrators should make every effort to provide continued education learning opportunities through online resources or materials that can be sent home.
School administrators should develop a plan to continue breakfast and lunch services for Arizona students.
When school resumes, school administrators should develop and implement precautions to ensure schools are a safe learning environment, including social distancing measures, regular intervals for administrators to wash and sanitize their hands, and guidance on how to properly and frequently sanitize election equipment and common surfaces.

Governor Doug Ducey & Superintendent Kathy Hoffman